A3-19 DTG Printer A3 EPSON 1390 L800 Direct To Garment Textile Printing Machine for Light Dark Colored Garments TShirt Printer


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A3 Size R1390A4 Size L800

A3-19 DTG Printer A3 EPSON 1390 L800 T-shirt Machine Textile Printing Printer for Light Dark Colored Garments DTG TShirt Printer


Dear customer, the installation video is included in the package on a USB stick, please contact us as soon as you receive the package, we have a dedicated after-sales engineer for one-to-one guidance


DTG printer also called direct to garment printer, It enables individuals to customize textiles freely, such as clothing and pillows, which can be applied in many fields.
The more the cotton content of the fabric contains, the firmer the printing color on fabric lasts and the higher of the washability. The advantage of this new printing technology on fabric is that the fabric is more breathable without feeling of film.


1,White Ink Automatic Circulation – White ink circulation to ink sac, prevent the white ink precipitation plug nozzle, general circulation being carried out in the ink bottle, while a white ink will be circulated into ink sac by the circulation system, effectively prevent the white ink precipitation and nozzle blocking

2,Printing White and Color at the Same Time – support bidirectional printing, white and color printing at the same time, faster printing

3,Powerful Cooling System – support long time printing, prolong service life

4,Easy-to-use and Beginner-friendly – touch screen control, immediate operation

5,Automatic Height Adjustment—Omron infrared allows UV printer automatic adjust printing height.

6,Print full-coloured designs without any loss of details.Print at affordable prices for small quantities as compared to silk screen printing.

7,The costing does not significantly decrease over large quantity as the set-up costs is pretty much fixed due to the nature of DTG printing.



A3-19 (Fully automatic)

Print heads

Epson R1390

Print accuracy

1440 * 1440 dpi

The print platform

A3 (297*420mm,

UV effective printing area 267*420mm)

The printing speed

A3 format (about 1440dPI /10min)


RIP software

Print height

0~120mm, infrared altimetry

Apply to system

WindowXP, 7, 10

Ink consumption

1 square meter /20 milliliters

Color configuration


Ink way

6 colors for ink supply

Embossed printing


White ink output

Support/white color together

Print the varnish


The UV lamp life

3 years

Packing size

Length 770* width 740* height 700mm

The UV lamp cooling

Water cooled + air cooled

The equipment size

Length 660* Width 660* height 500mm

The UV lamp power

50 ~ 60 w

Net/gross weight


Platform to adjust

Touch screen + infrared altimetry

The outer packing

Export wooden case

(with forklift foot) + foam

Platform driven

Impulse motor drive


AC100~230V/ Optional according to the country

Print head protection

Intelligent infrared anti – collision system, ink pad maintenance fluid anti – blockage.

Print media

Mobile phone case/leather/lithograph/crystal/acrylic/card/CD /U disk/Ming plate and other planes


The printer adopts stable platform technology, leading stepper motor drive mode, automatic entry

and exit at the same time with infrared altimetry, laser positioning, water cooling + air cooling combination mode,

a wide range of printing, 120mm high products can be printed

The warranty

Warranty for 3 year [parts touched by ink (or damaged by ink) are not guaranteed]

What is in the box ?

✅DTG Printer A3-19
✅Full Set of Initial DTG Ink (CMYKW 5*100ml)
✅Garment pretreatment solution 100ml*1
✅Ink cleaner 1*100ml
✅Nozzle protection fluid 1*50ml
✅CLOTHES fixture (gift)
✅RIP software
✅Other accessories

Printing step

Step 1
Heat press the garment for 5-10sec to help humidity evaporate and to flat out the fibers.

Step 2

Pretreat the garment: Apply the pretreatment solution to the print area. This prevents the DTG inks from soaking into the garment and allows them to sit directly on top of the shirt, delivering the high resolution output that the DTG technology promises. Pretreatment liquid can be applied via 2 ways:

Manually: Use a spray gun and make sure all areas in which ink will be laid down are covered in order to avoid misprints.

Automatically: Use a pretreatment machine for print quality and production consistency

Tip: Apply double pretreatment liquid quantity when garment fibers are thick to penetrate like hoodies of polyester.

Step 3

Use a roller to spread the pre-treatment liquid equally & evenly so that is looks and feels homogenous. This contributes to the maximum print quality and color coverage.

Step 4

Heat press the shirt again for 30-40sec to fix the pretreatment liquid into the fibers of the garment. Optimum heatpress temperature is 160-170 oC (320-338 F). You are ready to proceed to the next step as long as your garment is completely dry.

Step 5

Load the garment onto the printer. Make sure you are using the relative platen and adjust it properly. The right positioning is crucial in order to get the desired output and not waste any textile.

Step 6

Prepare the printing & image settings via the Rip software or via the default built-in printer settings.

Step 7

finished dtg printing

Actual printing is taking place. With most printers, white ink comes first and colors come right after. Depending on the print mode you are using, simultaneous printing of both white and CMYK inks can take place.

Tip: When printing on pique cotton type of garment, you may want to apply more quantity of white ink.

Step 8

Fixation Heatpress

Fixation & Curing of the garment: Gently remove the printed garment, place it onto the heat press and set up the heating/pressing time. This should last about the time the ink manufacturer suggests. You can also cure the DTG-printed garments by entering them into a conveyor dryer. In this case, fixation time is usually more than the heatpress, but also note that you can load more than one piece of garment at the same time.

Curing Equipment in DTG: Heat Press vs Oven Dryer

Inks & Pretreatment Liquids: Fixation times and temperatures

Suitable for various industries :

Clothing Store Shoe StoreFactory demand,DIY Store Advertising IndustryPresent Industry

What can DTG Printer to do?

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